I love tea!

I heart tea! (How surprising given the title of this blog, hee hee)

I love its colour, both light and intense, like a sweet forbidden liquor.

I love it even more when milk adds its soothing hue, especially the very moment when you pour it into the cup (err, mug, please!) and this undescribable cloud-like texture that dissipates in the twinkling of an eye, but what a magical experience!

I love its taste, of course, especially Earl Grey, my all-time favourite that has never disappointed me ( far)

I love the cute little cakes and biscuits, often colourful (like Battenberg, mmh, so fanciful and even puerile but soooo tasty!) and most of all scones, that go with it and that make the perfect afternoon cream tea, and even better is to share it with your lovely friends & family.

Beside my love for English tea (I'm so nostalgic about my last year in London), I adore tea-inspired jewellery, so childish & quirkily funny and so refined at the same time, don't you think?

Thanks to Anna's lovely blog, I even started to like (almost love?) Mondays

So, just look on the bright side of life, as the Monty Python would say & start enjoying Mondays :o)


muchlove said...

This is so lovely. Thank you for joining in Much Love Monday :)

Cookies said...

En même temps, Londres, c'est Londres. Ca explique tout et ça pardonne tout aussi comme achats ;)

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