Books I want to read

Because I am entirely devoted to my PhD corpus and feel like reading something else is a case of high treason (even though I'm committing such a crime right now and have done so many a time... ahem) or at least some silly way to waste time on something that is not vitally relevant to what defines my life at the moment (did I just say silly?), I often have to postpone reading books I come across or hear about. Here is a brief list of books I'd love to read as soon I have more time away from preparing seminar lesson plans, reading for my thesis, exam marking or conference paper writing (the latter I should be doing right now instead of writing about what I should or shouldn't do!):

And this is only a ridiculous glimpse of all the books I'm hankering after and that are cramming up my shelves!


Indy said...

The Single Man book looks good to me too!

Slanelle said...

Are you on Goodreads? It's so cool to share your fav books ;)

Letty said...

Thanks. Well, I'm not on Goodreads, I've tried it very briefly, looks cool, but found it a bit too much time-consuming and potentially addictive so preferred to save this time for book reading instead! Are you on this site?

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