Going with the flow?

As anyone else is doing at this time of year, I've decided to write something about my New Year's resolutions, even though I know perfectly well that I won't follow them or at least will have a hard time sticking to them ;o)
The thing is, I make a lot of lists (from random ideas, urgent things to do, books to read / borrow from the library, artists I like, etc. to the obviously very exciting grocery shopping list) but whereas they put my mind at ease for a while (especially when an idea crops up just after I've jumped into bed and keeps torturing me until I write it down in order not to forget about it - scatterbrain is my middle name these days...) I have a habit of not following them / forgetting them and improvise. So let's hope 2011 will be full of skilful improvisation! But don't get me wrong, I'm still a sucker for carefully (over)prepared things, maybe something to rethink this year?

* Cut the procrastination and stop dreading the hard work ahead (i.e stop making a mountain out of a molehill, even if the said molehill takes the form of a 500 page PhD to be written)

* Go back to yoga (it might help - or worsen, who knows? - my back problems. Oh my, do I speak like an elderly lady... 2011 with a vengeance

* Be more fearless and do (e.g dress) as I like without thinking about the probable stares and frowns that might ensue

* Eat more healthily (says I after stuffing myself with a delicious tiramisu and buying 500g of chocolate because it was on sale, *ahem*) but my sweet tooth is one of my trademarks (read: whims) Surprisingly I don't eat much "regular" food and feel stuffed very quickly but I seem to have a separate compartment in my stomach for sugary food and unfortunately this one is bottomless, hee hee

And here are my current obsessions:

* Two of my favourite actors playing in the same film about one of my favourite era. I knew I had to see "The King's Speech" as soon as I saw the trailer a few months ago (and still have to wait for it to be out in cinemas!!!)

* Listening to sweet, soothing music such as this:

or this:

Have a sweet and brilliant Year!

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