Happiness, please!

Few things make me happy, even though I wouldn't consider myself a sad person, I'm not an optimist at heart either. But when tiny little things happen, it can change my mood drastically (either from very good to very bad, that is. Call me bipolar!) So I was quite thrilled to hear from my former Japanese student today and learn that his family was okay too. I was happy to see that my parents had left some pumpkin soup - my favourite - in my fridge after they visited me yesterday and even happier when I actually realized it was pumpkin in that deceptively orangey glass bottle and not orange or carrot juice as I first thought (luckily I realized that before pouring the liquid in a glass, but I'm sure the mere smell would've been clue enough). I was glad when I received an email from my thesis supervisor on a sunday forwarding me the email from a colleague she had asked about a little detail we discussed just the day before. I was beyond joyful when my mum found my old cream cable cardigan she knitted herself and that I used to wear when I was about 10 years old, and that still fit me!! Love at first sight all over again!
So, on days when I'm so down I don't even feel like getting up and face the stressful day awaiting, I should just focus on tiny details like that. One step at a time.

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