Long time no speaky

Still catching up on (multiple) re-runs of the Royal Wedding and all things Wills & Kate (obsessed? me??)
I unfortunately couldn't see the live ceremony because well, 1st. I don't have a tv set (but had planned to go to my parents' for the week-end anyway) and 2. because of that stupid administration I had to go and see to have an urgent paper signed, which, of course, they couldn't do because "the one in charge" was still on holiday (let me point out that it wasn't a public holiday here, ahem). Same thing happened the following monday even though they told me the clerk would be there, and all over again, they said to "come back tomorrow". Our admin system is such a joke!

On another grotesque note, my ophtalmologist (because yes, as if my day hadn't been ruined enough by the admin-&-missed-wedding debacle, I had to have my eyes tested on that day too, I couldn't let a 3-month's wait to get an appointment go down the drain) advised me to have a haircut, since I have that (rather unconscious) habit of tilting my head to the side.

Okay, so the dress was gorgeous, Kate (Oops, sorry, Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge) looked stunning, William's imminent baldness raised everyone's concern again, Harry's grin was more annoying than ever and the Queen's own interpretation of this season's colour block trend was smashing. I wish I could have been there but then again, I can't really stand big crowds and would probably have ended up looking like poor little bridesmaid Grace above ;o)

I was thrilled the couple was given such a title, it reminded me of my great stay in Cambridge last month for a brilliant conference, one or perhaps the best I've attended, all the delegates were so nice and gave me the best feedback ever. I've been sick for almost a month now (how is that even possible?!) and it has really put a strain on my energy and motivation to go on with my thesis, though. Fingers crossed this nasty illness will soon be out of the way, please?

k, babbling almost over, sorry about the whining quality to that post though!

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Ena said...

I wasn't feeling well for almost a month either and thought how it could be possible, haha. I hope you're already feeling better!


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