Done with Xmas spirit?

One thing that always gets me is this scene from "Love Actually" when Billy Mack (a.k.a "uncle Bill" hohoho), played by utterly terrific actor Bill Nighy, gives some wise advice. So anti politically correct in an otherwise quite predictable romcom, but hey, can we really escape those?
On the other hand, I do confess I like myself a good old Xmas film, even the very down-to-earth - not too say overly sweet and a wee bit tacky - made for tv ones that are broadcast at the moment. Even a little after Xmas.
... "Aaand I do believe it's time for commercial break"!

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Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

Hahahaha I didn't even need to watch it to perfectly recollect how perfect that scene is. Thank you for making me laugh!

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